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Certified Manuka Honey

Certified Manuka Honey

Our unique hexagon design provides you with all the details you need in one simple design, this trusted mark indicates that the amount indicated...

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What is APP®?

What is APP®?

Polyphenols are abundant natural compounds in plants. We are a proud member of the APP® Association, a research group led by 'The Experiment Compa...

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What is MGO in Manuka honey?

What is MGO in Manuka honey?

The key natural component in Mānuka honey. The potency honey is often referred to by using a number and MGO. Most brands like us use a plus (+) beh...

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Elements Color grading system

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Zealandia Honey® GoldZealandia Honey® Gold

Zealandia Honey® Gold

Zealandia Honey® SilverZealandia Honey® Silver

Zealandia Honey® Silver

Zealandia Honey® BronzeZealandia Honey® Bronze

Zealandia Honey® Bronze

Zealandia Honey® CobaltZealandia Honey® Cobalt

Zealandia Honey® Cobalt

Zealandia Honey® DiamondZealandia Honey® Diamond

Zealandia Honey® Diamond

Zealandia Honey® Rewarewa
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